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The Ambassador

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    “The War of 2034 is officially over. This is Mart Martizon reporting live from the SNN Tower in Newlon City, Amazia.
    Separate treaties were signed in different places at the same time ending a war nobody wanted but was impossible to avoid. On the Altairian front, on the colonial planet of Hastelo Pray, on 2034/18/6 UT, the Treaty of Altairs was signed by the Altairian Derroga Syntrax, representing the new Regina Conor Belenta IV, who promised closer peaceful relationships with us, plus greater exchange of cultures, and by Commander Beilmont Sigling representing the Emperor Dwitinton and all the armies of Amazia. This treaty concedes the entire Pandrien Pass region including a string of Border Zone worlds to the Regent of Byfullight increasing Amazian space by several hundred cubed light years. It also establishes a stronger commission with Merchant Command to control exchange rates between the major powers. Some in the Senitium at the Capitol want harsher terms but they agreed to pay a war tax with raw and monetary resources. The Emperor feels this is enough, but not so with the Unapiterians.
    The Treaty of Unapiteria is much harsher in letter and deed.
    Signed aboard the giant craft carrier Roaring Tygar of the 433rd Task Force, by Edvard Matson and the Unapiterian Ambassador Rous Paramkala, representing the new Preszidium leader Corncalous Brandentit, it stripped the colonies along the Pandrien Pass of their legitimacy to Unapiteria conceding all to Amazia. Because they came so close to attacking the Home World under the Dual Alliance, the Emperor Dwitinton has taken a lesson from history and place Edvuard Dwitinton, the Emperor’s adopted nephew, on the Celestial Throne. His goal is to bring to justice those who plotted against Amazia and to Saturnize their decadent military culture towards a peaceful one.
    In 1967 UT Unapiteria was defeated in a hostile conflict and subjected to thirty five years of Amazian rule as Emperor Zaterite extracted heavy war reparation from the population. I doubt the Emperor will station troops on Unapiteria for such a long time, my impression is Edvuard D will make sure Amazian interests are achieved under the terms of the treaty. I believe the new Consul will not direct their lives but collect on what is due. Civius Proctor warned us of occupational treaties and the consequences of armed intervention of a natural functioning culture of foreign worlds. In his words such an action can cause far more trouble than the original conflict did. His thinking is of a long term effect on the local population. We want our enemies to be our friends.
    With me in the news room is our three field correspondents, returned to the nest to give further to this cosmo-cast. We’ll start with Heva Sidlemon.”
    “Thanks, Mart. There’s much more to be said about this unusual conflict. The Zenobian terrorists, disguised as Altairians and Amazians have vanished along with Ductorian Kalloses and his ships, all at the same time. The holding of dual or even triple citizenships of key personnel also complicates matters for both sides. The disappearance of Senator A. Trikel in the Pandrien Pass has our authorities baffled. Why he was there within harms way can’t be explained. His office has made no comment. The strange rift between Telisaysis and Parmeses was a god-send for our cause. I would think with all the military posturing the Altairians have such a battle of egos would be deflated, but it seems to be worse during a war or an estranged marriage.
    But our military did have a chance to test the new Xeon Fighter, the X-1 ‘storm maker’ and X-2 ‘storm raker’ series against the Altairian Spot fighter. Some of our defeats by Kondor in the Forth Forsex was with the old style H-3 ‘hell raiser’ Fighter, which can only fight in space and depends on the resources of the Craft Carrier. The Xeon Series can operate in space and in a variety of atmospheres, stay space bound for longer periods and has a better deployment of weapons. They proved superior when battled against the Spot Fighter.”
    “That’s comforting to know, Heva. What about the Unapiterian Strato Cruiser? They fight differently than we do.”
    “The Strato Cruiser is a flying dinosaur but with a bad punch, so said Matson when he fought the Battle of Pluto using the Victonian Armed Forces. Those behemoths are two hundred years old with modern upgrades. A fleet of them can cause much damage to planetary defenses, space platforms and our Craft Carriers, but are useless in fighter craft combat. Matson and Hiythoron easily avoided certain battle tactics that gave them an advantage, and concentrated on heavy photonic artillery we had to take them out.”
    “So, in your report we should continue to use the fighter craft Task Force strategy?”
    “Being with Sigling and his command staff I learned they are going to propose to Matson and the War Council, which will include the ear of the Emperor, a new series of ships. A big vessel that can operate independently and have the ability to land troops, maybe ordinance, have a limited fighter craft support and not be attached to the Task Force. Also several class of lesser ships that can act as protection to convoys, transports and take the offensive in fast flanking maneuvers, plus relieve certain patrol duties the fighters do now.”
    “Sounds like a ship for all seasons?”
    “Or situations. What we learned here is the old Task Force strategy is not effective when you’re dealing with the immense size of our Imperium.”
    “Something that’s fast, well equipped for all combat situations and can be deployed on the credit.”
    “Yes Marts, I’m looking back into our history, how the ancient Norumians held together a global empire, our military will find the answer there. That’s my concluding report, Marts.”
    “Thank you. Now Kisco Ersean.”
    “We must allow the Divine force to act as fit to do’, stated Spinaza when asked about fate and the luck of things. In this conflict I rather agree with Sidlemon, we fought three fronts simultaneously and suffered several defeats losing several veteran spatial commanders. Like a band of rubber, the Imperium was stretched until reinforcements came in from the Forsexs with a better fighter craft to shift the odds in our favor on the battle field, not to mention some pretty good luck. The split between Star lord Telisaysis and his compatriot Parmeses was sheer lunacy for the Altairian cause. But what amazes me is how the Celestial King Devato was captured.
    I was there with the Victonian Army and the 156th Task Force with Hiythoron and Matson when they concocted the ruse to trick the Unapiterian King into captivity. By destroying the flagship the Preszidium capitulated while Devato and his entire staff enjoyed the warm bed companions at the Wayward Traveler on Ultima Thule (2014 MU69). There’s a side story on this Martizon, when Devato learned Amazian storm troopers landed at the Uranian resort, he panicked and ran out of the bordello half naked. He grabbed a small statue, knocked out one technician, from a group of six, and donned his EV Suit. Thinking he can escape outside the resort followed the technicians to the place they had to repair. But, when the Amazian commander searched for him realized he was part of that team.”
    “How did they know this Kisco?”
    “Those EV Suits have bio-sensors so the team working outside in the spatial environment can be monitored, a safety net. When the EV Suits signal was analyzed, it revealed five Uranians and one Unapiterian. He was caught and swiftly returned to Unapiteria for trial under Brandentit’s new regime.”
    “With the sudden news of Edvuard Dwitinton taking over as Consul, how will the appointed leader of the Preszidium react to this?”
    “I’m sure he won’t like it. Right now I know they are scrambling to reform the Palasatto, indict as many war hawks as possible just to prove to us they are serious in our reforms under the Treaty. But, for every extreme political action there’s an opposite reaction, so history shows.”
    “What do you think they will do to the new Consul from Amazia?”
    “Here to I agree with Sidlemon, if we occupy Unapiteria with troops that will only start another conflagration in the immediate future. If the Emperor’s Nephew plays his cards right he’ll get his job done and be out of there quickly. He has a small contingent of Victonians who volunteered to protect him. Also, the Unapiterians are not the same since the days of the Revolution. They’ve lost a lot of what made the Celestial Empire great and the inner strength used to conquer a galaxy. They think they are still formidable but they’re living in the shadow of past memories. Two much internal corruption has sapped their abilities to be an effective power in the spatial scheme of things. That’s about it, Martizon.”
    “Well said Kisco. I’ve saved the best for last, Sable Generion.”
    “Thank you M.M., I thought you forgot me. Reflecting on the adverse personalities during this conflict I can see a pattern here. With the three main Altairian star Lords who invaded, even though they had a single objective they had different priorities. Each allowed these priorities to effect their style of command. With Star Lord Telisaysis he is the best and most pure in purpose and ideals. With Parmeses, who is under the wing of Wartogg Dravivaxis of the Regio of Malawoshus, he was sent in for one reason and that was plunder, and cause chaos to us and Telisaysis. Dravivaxis is an enemy of the Regina Belenta III, and an Altairian victory would harm his long range plans. Kondor is another one, same purpose in plundering but with the idea of carving out a section of Amazian space for him and his followers from the Regio of Indolos, who are secretly allied to the Somtra of Sinteria, they to want their territory back stolen by the Infinite Tyrant Zaterite.
    We, on the other hand, our spatial generals are loyal, focused and determined. You can’t beat that against a divided house, M.M. As for the Unapiterians, far worse, no clear purpose or sense of discipline. I agree with Kisco there.”
    “What will happen to the three Altairians, Sable?”
    “Despite the lousy tactics and loss of the war they will all get rewards. Parmeses and Kondor will retire to their estates with honor and Telisaysis, he’ll receive the full accolades of Altairia and continue to be a thorn in Matson’s posterior in the future. Even under the new regime we haven’t heard the last of him, M.M.”
    “Now Sable, we wonder where the Emperor picked his Nephew to rule on Unapiteria, and not a loyal Senitiumor or high cleric from the government.”
    “First, we must look at the life of Dwitinton. His family goes way back to the Toshivic Revolution. His mother and father Elena and Ugein lived in the old section of Pepom City, where the social elite stomped during the Pre-Evil times. I think the Emperor’s mother had another marriage from the Mobon-Kodakon family, that became an unofficial extension of the Dwitintons. But all records are lost when the city was bombed in 2009 UT, along with family ancestral data bases.”
    “According to legend, Zaterite found the teenager living in the ruins and adopted him.”
    “That legend or fairytale may or may not be true, M.M. It was created to give a sense of humanity to the cruel monster Zaterite was. He was probably arrested by the Ackard Police and when it was discovered he was the sole survivor of a very distinguished family, Zaterite thinking of his own self esteem, adopted him. So, Edvuard Dwitinton, is a Mobon-Kodaxi from the famous Kodakon and Mobon family, who fought in the revolt against Unapiteria. What little records there are, Edvuard was accepted into the Emperor’s family of friends as an advisor. The title ‘EC’ is always placed after his name since Dwitinton came to power. EC means ‘Emperor’s Council’, when Tomas Dwitinton can’t sleep at night, he calls him to bend his ear and fill his head with who knows what.”
    “What education does he have to be a Consul?”
    “Several degrees are listed in political science, the humanities and alien studies, nothing technical. We know he’s a confirmed bachelor like the Emperor and shares a small apartment with the Imperial staff at the Capitol. But the guy is very low keyed, no public appearances, like most of the Emperor’s close people. But, it’s all too sanitized for my tastes.”
    “You think the bio from the government is false?”
    “Yes, M.M. To squeaky clean, too concocted to fit the Emperor’s image of what a public servant should be. To answer your question I think he’ll do well if he follows your advice and do only what is required.”
    “Any comment on the Celestial Monarch Devato?”
    “Another case in point. He got what he deserved, the Palasatto will bend their knee and do what the Preszidium demands until they get ambitious again. I know many fled to the Republica of Unapiteria, that swath of desolate space below the Second Forsex near the Fylight (Milkyway) galaxy, to lick their wounds and hide.”
    “To change the point, during this war Priaritor Iia Maton, who you interviewed, recently wanted to tax the vast sums of booty and plunder the privateers and hired pirates collected from raiding the Altairian merchant trade lines, can he do that?”
    “If he does, M.M., he’ll have them raiding Amazian merchants instead. I heard the amount of confiscated goods is enormous. What Parmeses and Kondor wanted to do they did very successfully. So successfully, it caused a severe shortage of basic trade goods on Argius which toppled Belenta’s regime. I think they’re still celebrating as we speak on the pirate base called Karactikas deep in the asteroid belt.”
    “A daring band of men and gals?”
    “I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of them. They’ve had the taste of unbridled wealth, they’ll be back for more. I think that’s it for me, M.M.”
    “Since this was the first major crises of Dwitinton’s reign, what would the social impact be for the immediate future?”
    “I think Mart, solidification of D’s power in the government.”
    “How so, Heva?”
    “He faced his first major conflict, not faraway but right here near the Home World. He allowed his top brass freedom to do what they do best, and had a stunning victory on three fronts.”
    “With a little help from the powers that be.”
    “Thanks for the reminder, Sable. The Emperor gained greater trust and in the days ahead we’ll see his administration do things of astonishing achievements.”
    “Sounds like a mandate from the masses. What was the casualties in this war?”
    “To many I heard.”
    “Well Sable, the figures posted by the military just came in. We count thirty thousand dead amongst the Altairians and Unapiterians, our figures are half that. As Sidlemon pointed out the new fighters came just in time to prevent a much higher number. As for civilian deaths on the plundered worlds, their still counting heads, could be in the thousands also.”
    “I guess Kisco, in any conflict there will be fatalities. Our problem is it struck to near home, we’re not use to such things.”
    “Right, M.M. The bastards of the Dual Alliance were planning this for years. I think they waited for a change in government on Amazia to begin their nasty deeds. All that nonsense around the Pandrien Pass was just a staged incident to go too war. It’s as clear as my face, M.M.”
    “I agree with you Sable. The Emperor for the past year has been reducing the military budget that Zaterite inflated beyond what revenues can be squeezed from the conquered worlds. We saw how long it took to gather enough spatial forces to present a strong posture against the enemy on three fronts.”
    “And we lost some good veteran leaders.”
    “Right Sable. It took time for the elastic band to snap back in their faces as we gathered our might for a mighty blow. A blow unseen and unfelt since the heydays of the Zaterian Wars and the bombing of Pepom in 2009 UC, I think we’re still smarting from that scar, and I think the War of 2034 may have healed the wound with the cream of revenge. This is Mart Martizon, and that is it for 6/2034, reporting live from the SNN tower in Newlon City.”