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The Ambassador

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        “Who would have guessed that the actions of Ductorian Kalloses of a lonely but strategic Altairian outpost along the Pandrien Pass would drag three super powers into war?  Who would have guessed that after so many years of peace the festering hostilities under our social surfaces would erupt into cosmic conflict, and who would have guessed that the sudden recall of ambassadors and diplomats without any secondary plan to avoid war was not anticipated?  Yes, I say, to all citizens listening to this broadcast, we are at war.  This is Mart Martizon reporting live from Newlon City, Amazia.”
         “The hammer of destruction struck in four places at once.”
         “The Altairian Star Lord Kondor invaded the Regent of Byfullight in the Forth Forsex.  His invasion fleet of an unknown number of ships hid away in the desolation of Sinteria, a small corridor of space between us and the Altairians.  Commander Adelson, with a force of over seven thousand ships, intercepted Kondor at the regional border of Byfuler, nine thousand light years from Mytia (the Sun).  Here, the first major battle was fought.  The Battle of Renein lasted for seven hours as both vaunted armies tried to get the upper hand.  A sudden meteor swarm that was hidden on the other side of the wanderer star forced both commanders to break away.  Seeing an opening, Adelson took a dangerous route and attacked Kondor’s flanks without proper safety.  A second meteor swarm caused a severe disruption of Adelson’s tactics, forcing him to retreat.  Kondor found a hole in the storm and capitalizing on his disorganization, attacked.  Taking Adelson by surprise destroyed his fleet and killing the Amazian Commander.”
         “With the news of this defeat Brigadier General Matson himself took the field with a collection of one hundred Task Forces, ten thousand ships, to protect the Capital world from bombardment, setting up a defensive line.”
         “The second hammer blow struck the First Forsex, the Regent of Byarnoria.  A large fleet of Altairian gun boats smashed through the defense posts under the command of Star Lord Telisaysis, who is famous for punishing the Judorites in the uprising of 2031.  He is considered to be Altair’s best, nicknamed ‘Tamer of the Hordes’ and is now operating under silent running only one hundred thousand light years up north from Amazia.  At this time Contor Commander B. Sigling with reinforcements is racing to intercept him at the Elington (Udredar) globular cluster.  We learned from Sidlemon aboard the Roaring Tygar Sigling intends to stop him there, drawing a line in three dimensional space, daring him to cross.”
         “The third strike of the hammer came in the Second Forsex, the Regent of Byteria, only five thousand light years from Amazia, by Space Marshal of Unapiteria, Dergo Palaxes.  He carefully maneuvered in such a way that he became lost in various dust clouds and alpha hydrogen gas plums.  His tactics constantly menaced Tratoria, the regional star capital.  So far all efforts to find him in the Tarsion Gas Cloud have failed.”
         “The forth and final attack struck from Unapiteria herself.  During this time both planets Amazia and Unapiteria are at their closes approach.  We have learned the Celestial Emperor of the Prezidium himself, Tylando D. Devato, is leading a strike force to attack us here on Amazia.  The Victonian Army, the home guard, has gone to full active duty under General Hiythoron and is already assuming defensive positions around our satellites and orbital platforms.”
         “All of Amazia is on alert.”
         “But authorities are confident no breech of our defenses will occur.  I am told many volunteers have come from the merchant and civilian sectors, asked by Merchant Command, to act as eyes and ears in places the Victonian Army can’t cover.  They say space is large but even around the Home World it seems larger.  As of now Red Law is not considered even with this threat hanging over our scalps.”
         “As we wait for continuous updates on cosmic activities I have Sable Generion reporting live from the Department of Defense, Sable…”
         “Amongst the ancient ruins of this Unapiterian fortress, restored and reused, a sense of calm permeates the chambers and halls.  I am not allowed beyond certain perimeters but confined to the War Media Lounge with other Novians (media people), but here a deep sense of urgency, of fear seems to be taking hold as news flashes from the field are filtered to us.  This is Sable Generion for SNN News reporting live.”
         “At my side is Chief Priaritor and Senior Financial Advisor to Dwitinton’s War Council, Iia Maton.  Mister Maton, as the threat of possible invasion to Amazia hangs over our heads you seem not affected by this serious threat?”
         “There’s no threat here, only what the Novians make of it.  Amazia and her moons are well guarded, there’s such an outcry of patriotism from the private sector I would say we all can sleep soundly tonight.”
         “Even T. D. Devato’s action taking the field doesn’t concern you?”
         “Ha!  He may cover himself in the military glory of others, plus a few brilliant pieces of political acquisitions in the past, but he’s as much a general as I’m a Fix Ball player.”
         “As the financial advisor, do you see any problems with fighting off the other four attacks?”
         “We have more than enough.  All those ships the Emperor retired from active service during the Zaterian Wars are being returned to duty.  We don’t destroy the things we can use for the future.”
         “And the thousands of pilots?  Have they been recalled?”
         “Yes, a years rest is not a retirement in my book.  Already the reserves are mobilized and it’s only a matter of time before we crush the aggressors.”
         “Do you feel this confident while we fight on several fronts?”
         “It’s more of supply and demand the way I see it.  My agency has been given a mandate to recruit privateers from the space ways and daring bold merchants to strike deep into enemy territory and steal and plunder.  They are commissioned to disrupt as much as can be done to hinder the trade lines of supply.  They are brave, daring and bold, plus they can keep whatever they acquire.”
         “Sounds like your in league with stellar piracy, Mister Maton?”
         “When you are at war you use whatever you can to win.  This interview is concluded!”
         “You seemed to strike a sour cord, Sable?”
         “Yes, M.M., but that’s my style.  A few verbal zingers only get’s the plasma burning.”
         “Do you really think it’s wise for D’s administration to use the criminal element to assist in victory?”
         “I don’t like it.  If he is recruiting the ones who I think he is it could lead to a public relations disaster down the road after this is over.  Some of those rogues are killers and murderers, they have as much patriotism as a worm has brains, M.M.”
         “But I like Maton’s final remark, you use anything to win.”
         “This will blowup in his face, watch and see.  So, you heard it from one of the top advisors, an undercover offensive designed to go deep and strike a deadly crippling blow to our enemies.  This is Sable Generion reporting live from the War Lounge.”
         “We now have a report from Heva Sidlemon aboard the Craft Carrier Roaring Tygar…”
         “Sidlemon reporting…this dispatch is several hours old as cosmic storms interfered with my broadcast…Sigling has found Telisaysis’s Buta Kugons, gunboats and is racing to intercept with all speed…distance and time are his favor…switching to an aggressive stance and attack before the enemy can plunder Elington…will destroy him in empty space several thousand light years from…Condition Red is now alarms…major battle about to commence…civilian merchant fleet needs protecting…”
         “Hello Heva?  Are you still with us?”
         “Seems we lost our uplink and cosmic wave beacon with the Roaring Tygar, but we have Kisco Ersean who is now covering the Unapiterian Front.  Any news Kisco?”
         “The overall grand strategy seems to be slicing and dicing at our defenses, this is Kisco Ersean aboard the Craft Carrier Winged Victory, the flagship of General Matson’s assortment of attack fighters.  We have challenged the Celestial Monarch of Unapiteria and he has fallen back than take on a force of equal strength.  Matson’s strategy of push and irritate forced Devato to fall further back, like two Seminian wrestlers seeking the advantage in a match.  Using bait and tackle ploys, General Matson forced Devato into a major scrimmage eight hundred million Sectals from Amazia.  The fighting erupted around the forth planet Barsoom (Mars) where Matson drove Devato’s bigger Strato Cruisers into the Asteroid Belt.  These ships of the stellar line, ancient by our standards but still formidable, collided and smashed another in collision, and finally retreated.  Devato fell back, escaping into the Ort Cloud licking his wounds.  According to intelligence, the Monarch of Unapiteria is waiting for Space Marshal Palaxes to finish his plundering of Byteria and link up with his sovereign.  It is assumed both will attack Amazia in a mad dash for victory.”
         “So, we can expect some action beyond the Ring?”
         “Only if Hiythoron and Matson can have it.”
         “You want the enemy to come together?”
         “Grand strategy, Martizon.  How else can both be defeated in one blow?  I’ve seen the Big General at work, Martizon.  He spends hours with his staff measuring and calculating, every ship, every piece of hardware, no matter how old or broken, is carefully placed for combat.  His army is never static, but always changing, moving.  He takes full use of four dimensional space, confusing the enemy, thinking in ways you or I can’t fathom.  As he finishes one battle he is already planning the next.  He kicks the enemy to where he wants them, taking full advantage of their weakness.  One of his favorite lines is, ‘we must leave the Divine power to act as we find it to do.’  Now I know how the tyrant Zaterite won so many battles and seized so much territory.  Without Edvard Matson he would’ve gone no place.”   
         “So, he really is the genius they say he is?”
         “Martizon, we are very lucky to have him on our side.”
         “Then we can say the Emperor will be victorious?”
         “There can be no doubt in my mind, Martizon, no doubt.”
         “Your confidence is assuring Kisco, sorry to cut you off but we have an urgent update from Sidlemon aboard the Roaring Tygar.”
         “Contor Commander Beilmont Sigling, the hero of the Pandrien Pass has suffered a major defeat.  This is Heva Sidlemon reporting on disaster one hundred thousand light years from home.  Just two hours ago Sigling drew a line in space and Altairian Teliasaysis crossed it.  Disguising his main Buta Kugons as Amazian privateers, he lured Sigling into a false battle strategy.  Thinking the small Merchant fleet was a supply train waiting for the Altairians in deep space, he bypassed it.  Allowing the privateers to do their job confronted the Altairian Star Lord leaving an exposed flank.  The disguised gunboats attacked the 433rd Task Force in the Battle of Minor Elington.  We are now in retreat, scattered and trying to piece together what remains of a victorious army.  Sigling has now positioned his reserves in a defensive front called a Mezzington Line, where each ship can protect another if attacked, like a web in space.  Using this tactic the Contor Commander hopes to buy time to regroup and take the offensive.”
         “Heva, can you hear me?”
         “Yes Mart, we have a restored temporarily link.”
         “If Commander Sigling can’t hold Teliasaysis at bay, what then?”
         “The Elington Cluster will fall and he’ll have a free hand to plunder all of Byarnoria.  We may see the Red Host landing Regulars and the feared Kordles Zine, tank seizing major worlds.  But, according to unofficial reports, Sigling is gathering a host of veterans from the Zaterian Wars….Elington has many colonies established by the Emperor…only problem is ships…more ships…need…”
         “You’re breaking up Heva, hello?  We’ve lost him again but we will keep trying to gain contact.  According to my technicians there is now cosmic jamming blocking our signals, while we try to divert and bounce our cosmic wave transmissions around and find a clear line.”
         “I just received an update on the Unapiterian offensive.  Commander Hiythoron with General Matson have defeated both Devato and Palaxes at the Battle of Pluto near the Kyper Belt.  Both Star Marshals are in full retreat as the Victonian Army under Hiythoron pursues.  It is reported General Matson has broken away and maybe heading out to where Beilmont Sigling is, reinforcing his scattered forces, or going after Kondor in the Forth Forsex.  It seems Matson’s favorite saying is fulfilling its destiny.  We lose one here and gain another there.  Regardless of what transpires we will stay on top of this war bringing to you all the correct data and information that is reported.”
         “And that is it.  This is Mart Martizon for SNN on 3/1/2034.”