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The Ambassador

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        "This is Mart Martizon reporting live from the SNN Studios in Newlon City.
         We start the New Year with great expectations in the events we assume will unfold.  Like a spool of old recording tape, which goes into the digital recorder of time blank, it emerges with images and sounds of our activities, those seen by us and those unseen.  It holds hidden charms or demons ready to awake and shock us.  It contains the essence that we as newsmen take great care as not to distort with our own views and opinions, afraid we will lead the general population down a road that will cause us to stumble and fall.  It is a fact that recorded history can be both, a ladder bringing us up higher as a species, or cause us to stumble and fall down.  To fall down is to ignore the history and make the same mistakes again and again, a process that has no gain for a civilization but only a loss and an eventual downfall.
         And with that said and done we begin the year with Kisco Ersean on the new observation base called Rambadar…"
         "I would rather call it a platform gone subterranean Martizon.  This is K. Ersean from Lunaria.  As I meander through these hallways with an occasional view of the outer rim of dusty grey sands and broken craggy craters I am reminded of the ancient history of this place.  Under the Celestial Monarch Mirins 2nd, the Unapiterians established this lunar observation post over four hundred years ago.  When Mirins came to power in 1530 U.C., he knew his conquering arms would come against developing worlds, so he placed limitations on his conquests.  Such a decision saved millions of worlds from exploitation and ruin, which today are shining stars of the Imperium.  During those times when they conquered the Fylight galaxy this lonely outpost was established.  A single ship, specially designed with long term habitation is buried near the terminator zone.  Since Lunaria revolves at the same pace that Terra does one side is always seen while the other is in darkness.
         And it's here, only a dozen Sectals from the terminator, in a deep crater, that Rambadar was founded.  Named after the Unapiterian deity Ramba, the 'forever watcher' this base has been occupied since.  With a few additions in underground living quarters these scientists have watched and recorded the scattered affairs of humans on Terra.  They have carefully observed the development of a growing civilization to the present state of concern.
         But the real story doesn't begin until now.
         Terra's civilization, with the advance of rocketry and digital science, plus nuclear discoveries, warranted a closer look.  When the Administration of Planets was created by Emperor Zaterite to monitor developing planets this base was expanded to meet the challenge.  But, now, today, that challenge has become a grave concern.  Senator Massaline from the Regent of Byloria, who sits on the AOP Committee, has proposed a further expansion of Rambadar.  He fears for the self-destruction of the terrene community and stresses a greater presents for its protection.  In this speech of last year he makes a valid point.  "Not only will we lose a fine and beautiful Class A world, but a bright promising ethnic civilization with its stupendous artistic achievements.  The ruin of such a celebrated race of thinking minds would be a sin if we, as the conscript fathers of the Universe permit it to be so.  I demand, before this august assembly and the embodiment of the Crown Imperial to take necessary steps to preserve these people from their own folly, so that they will make a fine and noble contribution to our Empire in the near future."
         In short, he is asking for the extra special funding to assist the AOP in assigning a small fleet of fighters, or a Task Force with Mother Ship to standby incase they start to throw nuclear missiles at another.  Such a force, when mobilized after studying events, can knock out any low orbital rocket activity rising from the surface.  Also, his bill calls for reopening the old and concealed Unapiterian bases on Terra itself, plus sending agents to infiltrate their society for an even deeper study.      
         To make a shorter report, Massaline's request was approved by the Emperor Dwitinton himself…"
         "I noted a term in the Senator's speech, 'Crown Imperial'?"
         "Yes, Martizon, an old term that once was used as a title for the first Emperor but was dropped because it made us look like a monarchy and not a republic.  People thought differently in those days before Zaterite's expansion policies."
         "You say this new Bill will give Lunaria a military presents?"
         "If they start to lob bombs at another the AOP Initiative will be too stop it before they kill themselves and even go as far as occupying the planet.  A detailed long term plan has been drawn up, based upon similar actions by the AOP from other worlds.  A military presents and example is part of the plan."
         "The Unapiterians watched and secretly exploited Terra for four hundred years until we came along, and now because of nuclear technology we expand our presences expecting the worst.  My question is how accurate is the AOP in their predictions?"
         "It's not a question of development, Martizon, but of population growth.  Standard formulas based upon less fortunate Class A worlds show within thirty years over population will cause severe social stresses in their society.  Uncontrolled growth of numbers will wreck a government's ability to provide and lead to mass migrations of entire ethnic groups.  Spinaza once said you control population you control the distribution of wealth.  When a society goes out of balance, when you have more people than jobs, you have a breakdown to chaos, and this leads to terrorism.  All this is predicted and will happen.  They want to be ready when tensions reach the firing point."
         "You said old bases on Terra are re-activated and agents are there?"
         "The Unapiterians established six secret bases used to observe and collect commodities to be purchased by the nobles of the Unapiterian court.  Mirins the 2nd may have been enlightened but he also had to please his nobility to maintain his power.  When he created the a 'non-interference' policy with developing worlds he also allowed merchants to send agents there where they secretly bought, or stole, commodities to sell or auction off, so long as the inhabitances did not know of this.  Unfortunately, corruption came after under Mirins successor.  Barters may have been a brilliant monarch but he allowed his nobles a free license, where entire planetary systems were seized and controlled for their resources.  It depended on who was favored and how sternly the laws were enforced."
         "So, this policy caused our ancestors to revolt?"
         "Right, Martizon.  All those abuses surfaced in the Unapiterian bureaucracy under Carpon Devon.  Getting back to Lunaria, the base's personal has now increased to three hundred, not including the spatial Task Force.  By careful watching, with ground agents and total monitoring of all broadcast channels, Rambadar can act quickly before a nuclear disaster.  Terra is within the Amazian solar system and we don't want to lose this planet like others in the past.  Class A worlds are precious and a trust to those who live on them.  This is Kisco Ersean reporting from Rambadar on Lunaria."
         "Seems one domino leads to another affecting the timeline, a linear road we must all walk.  Now for something that is local and homegrown.  Since the Emperor Dwitinton came to power a year ago he has been very busy improving and upgrading the home world.  He has corralled industrial leaders and financiers too invest in Amazia herself, where as the previous Emperor was more interested in things beyond our skies.  One of the Emperor's chief concerns is improving the power grid.  Since the 2000s, Amazia has invested in plasmatomic power blocks.  Gigantic twenty story blocks of cement and hardened materials in housing a single reactor generating electrical energy, we have seven such generation plants on Amazia, four on the Union continent, two on the Idon and one on the Cabrean Island chain.  But, with the growth of Imperial power and Amazia becoming a major axel in the Universe, these sources are now inadequate for domestic and industrial needs.
         In 2030 the eruption of Mount Boom, eight hundred Sectals from the Conrspal Desert Reserve and power block near Lake Menor damaged the reactor, forcing the shutdown of that facility.  Since, this has caused power shortages hindering high tech industries from expanding and creating more jobs.  So, a quick solution has been achieved, reporting live is Sable Generion."
         "What you just saw is Edvuad Dwitinton, nephew to the Emperor, along with Minister Arther Steinton of the Department of Conservation and Sanitation, next to him is the chief Executar Hymin Dmitron of Sasabar Industries, and around me is the Bentor Dam, the first prefabricated structure of its kind.  This is Sabe Generion reporting live from the now calm waters of the Zocon River.  Only two Agels ago this valley was the scene to turbulent raging waters, but now a placid recreational lake with town houses.  The construction of the hydro dam Bentor is only one of hundreds dedicated within the last year solving the planet's energy problems.  Also, other famous dams such as the Great Tons, built in the 1882, and the Ancor Dam, the Dwitinton Dam, all restored and constructed in a quick manner to provide power.  
         It has been determined for the cost of one power block you can build four dams and provide a environmentally safe area.  There are numerous groups who oppose the use of high heat plasmatomics on Class A, B and C worlds.  As you know plasmatomics harness the power that is found in a star's core.  It's the fission to fusion, under compressed gravity that creates the forth state of matter using natural hydrogen.  This technology can breakdown and the resulting explosion can do severe damage to the planet.  There's been incidents on other worlds outside the Imperium resulting in terrible consequences for their inhabitances.  Even though we've never suffered such an accident, it doesn't mean it can't happen.  Given the age of these power blocks the Emperor is slowly moving to a more safer power generating policy."
         "So, the building of prefabricated hydro power dams cheaply is the answer, Sable?"
         "Yes M.M., but it goes even further than that.  The Randiyon Corporation is also introducing a safe household domestic plasmatomic cell for providing cheap energy to a home of four family members.  This domestic power plant will remove a house from the power grid and its energy cell will provide all needs in heating, air conditioning, lighting and appliance operation for twenty years.  This will enable the power companies to concentrate on light to heavy industrial needs."
         "A question of maintenance enters my mind about this.  The cost of upgrading a number of the older dams was considerable, are these new power generating facilities more efficient?"
         "Certainly, M.M.  The new magnetic hydro dynamos use a series of natural magnetic minerals from other worlds which are far more powerful.  The overall installation is almost self-maintenance free.  If there's no damage to the system they are rated for over one hundred and fifty years of power generation."
         "Such a boon to the average person is worth it.  I suppose all future houses built will be self-sufficient energy wise?"
         "Yes, M.M.  Other companies are jumping on the bandwagon offering conversion unites that are tested and proven safe.  One such company estimates by 2065 all houses on Amazia and her major planets will be independent of the big power companies, some maybe sending their surplus power to the grid and even get a small rebate on the cost of a new unit when the old one goes."
         "What about office buildings?"
         "A larger power unit will be offered or they can tie into the grid, depends on the builder and how economical it will be."
         "Speaking of power needs, a group of scientists are studying the Klistron Monitor, the great subterranean machine leftover by the Krill.  They say when it was operating half a million years ago it supplied power for the entire world.  Anything on that Sable?"
         "What I've heard M.M., that remarkable machine drew energy from the core of the planet and broadcasted it.  The Krill, residing in their cities merely had to raise an antenna and get all the energy they needed.  Such technology is still beyond us today.  We can beam microwave energy from solar collectors in orbit, such systems are in use on planets without an atmosphere, but it's the density of air and weather systems that reduce the effectiveness of such a system.  Plus, any living organism would be fried by such quanta wavelengths of energy.  How the Krill did it is still a mystery."
         "One last item on my mental agenda, you said Edvuad Dwitinton officiated at this dedication service?"
         "Yes, M.M.  He is the Emperor's nephew, a bright young man who is an upcoming star in the Emperor's following.  This was his first major challenge and what you see behind me is a success.  I'm sure the Emperor will tap him for more specialized projects in the future.  This is Sable Generion, saying bye."
         "As each year slips pass our scrutiny I am still intrigued by what we do.  Either it's very good, or uplifting to society or a disaster of hellish dimensions, it's the events that keep us going.  For us it's more than a monthly pay credit, but a way of life.  To sit here at this console and see history in the making is a rare privilege only a few can enjoy.  Beyond this room our information and data streams go to the archives, the libraries, the news and novian hardcopy and to the college teachers at our universities.  It is they who take our data and synthesize it for the next generation of men and women who will sit in this studio chair.  I am reduced to some 'watcher' who pontificates over society barking the facts so others may evaluate the results.
         But those results can lead to a path no one wants to tread.  Reporting live from the giant Craft Carrier of the 433rd Task Force is Heva Sidlemon."
         "Once my feet touched the soil of Hastelos Pray but now I stand on the cold hard deck of the Roaring Tygar.  This is H. Sidlemon reporting from deep in the northern regions of the Fylight called the Scutum Centuari, which the Pandrein Pass crosses, escorting a fleet of escaping merchant ships and civilian bulk carries away from the colonies.  Since the collapse of the Rzenchrom Council with the Altairians events have taken a terrible turn.  Feeling all efforts have failed in dealing with the G.M.A.A., the Lizyonite brokers and losing faith with the charter, Curlator Apolaros, with the support of Prefect Bevel and his men, have declared the Amazian colony free and no longer part of the accords with the Altairians.  Declaring Hastelos Pray an independent nation, unveiled a new flag.
         Angered by this the Altairian Derroga marched in with his armies, plus backup troops from the Unapiterian merchant colony of Mishka-Berandy, and overran the entire place.  Bevel fled with a large group of supporters, civilians and their families but Apolaros and his people are captured.  We think they are prisoners and will be used as leverage in negotiations."
         "This is shocking…why did Apolaros do such a thing and removed his people from Amazian protection?"
         "Well Marts, seems Apolaros made a rash decision.  He is young, use to getting his way, a fast achiever.  Nothing wasn't happening for him, if his efforts went forward by two points something bad drove him back by three.  The G.M.A.A. argued with him, made promises but fell short, the Lizyonite brokers stalled for time, charging both sides a fee every time they gathered, and events beyond his control stymied his people, so he took this rash course and declared independence.  I guess he felt he could do more this way."  
         "But by his actions he opened the door.  You say the Unapiterians assisted the Altairians?"
         "Well Mart, according to Contor Commander Beilmont Sigling and his spy guys, the Unapiterians signed a mutual protection pack called the Dual Alliance at the end of last year.  It also seems they provided the Zenobian terror troops, working both sides of the fence, to cause a rise in hostilities.  As per to some master plan the Altairians achieved their objective in eliminating the colony and the entire merchant structure."
         "So, what are we going to do now?"
         "That is now in the hands of our diplomatic core in the Foreign Relations ministry.  Contor Commander Sigling and his Task Force have begun withdrawing civilians to safer planets and other Contor Commanders are on full Yellow Action preparing for the worse.  Where this is sinking too will not be in the best interests of the Emperor, Mart."  
         "A Dual Alliance, sounds like we didn't see that one coming.  Anything else you want to say?"
         "I am dedicated to this and will remain in harms way until it is resolved, either by the spoken word or by the photonic blaster, this is Heva Sidlemon aboard the Roaring Tygar, out."
         "I can not but envy Heva for his steadfast loyalty as a novian stuck aboard one of our fighter craft mother ships.  My next question is, are we ready to go to war with the Altairians and Unapiterians?  Both are formable powers that flank us up north and down south.  But, I'm sure our War Council under the direction of Brigadier General Matson, and his strategic staff, will protect us from any serious harm.  This is not the first we have been threatened by a small crises.  Our main concern is protecting Amazian lives and property.  We have a considerable space fleet leftover from the Zaterian Wars, plus large amounts of infantry troops that can be re-called from the colonies the Emperor founded.  I firmly think this situation will be diffused before any real shooting begins.  This is Mart Martizon reporting, and that is it for 1/1/2034."