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The Ambassador

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    “It is at this time in the War of 2034 we find our chief General swinging like a door to gather an effective army to counter our enemy’s victory. This is Marts Martizon from the SNN Tower in Newlon City reporting live.”
    “The War between Amazia, Unapiteria and Altairs is now in its second Agel. On one front we have achieved a great victory, on two other fronts disaster, but only distance, time and talent has kept us safe and sound to face another day. As the resources of the Amazian Imperium respond to the two front challenge we find ourselves wondering what the next digital numeration of destiny will bring. As I sit here safe and sound there are brave fearless pilots and daring strategists at work risking their lives. ‘Protection comes at a ghastly cost’, so said Civius Proctor many decades ago, and those politicians who condemned the Emperor’s reduction in military spending after Zaterite’s abdication are finding their voices louder than those who say the opposite.”
    “With that in mind, Kisco Ersean aboard the flagship Winged Victory, reports General Matson has called upon his old friend from retirement, Ward Caoson, who served under him during the Zaterian Wars. He took a retirement package a year ago to be part of a corporate colonization program as a security chief for the Tars globular cluster. Replacing Adelson joined up with the remnants of the 156th Task Force, reorganizing and brought in one hundred and twenty new veterans making the spatial army ten thousand ship strong. Surprising the Altairian Warlord Kondor at Walis, attacked him. According to this report, Kondor knew Caoson was coming. Kondor received this information by torturing the crews and passengers of supply ships coming in from the depths of the Forth Forsex.”
    “In a new military strategy which Caoson had no knowledge of, Kondor used a ‘phalanx formation’, a massive square of ships that cut deep into Caoson’s veterans. On a given signal broke apart and shattered the coherency of the Task Force. Contor Commander Caoson was forced to withdraw or suffer a total defeat. He fled into the Regent of Byfuller to regroup and receive supplies on the edge of the Fylight (Milky Way) Galaxy. In a final statement from Caoson, ‘is only a minor setback…’. We will hear more from K. Ersean later.”
    “We now have an update from Heva Sidlemon aboard the Craft Carrier ‘Roaring Tygar’ of the 433rd Task Force. Heva, can you hear me?”
    “They can be over confident at the Capital on Amazia, but we don’t have that luxury. This is Heva Sidlemon reporting after a break in the jamming by the Altairian ‘spot fighters’. Altairian battle commander Telisaysis has smashed through Sigling’s Mezzington Line like a hot knife into butter. In two flanking maneuvers he drove our spatial armies from the Elington globular nebulae and began invading the major planets. But, in a surprise event, resistance from Merchant Command and thousands of small patrol ships and hundreds of armed merchantmen, turned his victory into a nightmare. So relentless and devastating these attacks were Telisaysis was forced to recall all invasion forces and retreated into deep space.”
    “They drove him from the nebulae?”
    “Yes, Mart. Civilians, first responders, veterans and who knows what! I even heard stories of prisoners volunteering to man armed sportsmen’s yachts and face the enemy. A magnificence show of support for the Imperium!”
    “We must be doing something right. What’s Sigling’s next move?”
    “Basically the same, wait to be re-supplied….”
    “Heva, are you still with us? Heva? We just lost our signal. Because distance is a major factor from the front lines and communication buoys have not been fully strung out, we must rely on one communication link carrying a cosmic signal that is filtered and sent on to other links, bypassing the ones that are jammed or made ineffectual. Even the military’s Public Information Center has found its resources lacking. But, regardless we will get our news to the public.”
    “I just received another war bulletin from K. Ersean, that General Matson and the Grand Autarch of the Victonian Space fleet, Hiythoron, have driven the Unapiterian Palaxes back to his home world. He retreated so fast he left his staff without informing them, to be captured by Commander Hiythoron’s advance guard. Both Generals have now turned against Devato, who is still a major threat on the edge of our solar system beyond the Jovian planets. Seems to me one domino has fallen, another will soon be joining him.”
    “Another report has just come in. Contor Commander Caoson, along with a veteran of the Zaterian Wars, Filax Gorson, have launched an attack on Wartogg Kondor in the Forth Forsex, along the galactic periphery. Both commanders went up against the Altairian ‘scimitar’ formation, both are evenly matched, ship per ship, in numerical strength and weaponry. The Battle of Pegases, twenty thousand light years from here, is reported as a stalemate. Both spatial fleets are wasted, hovering out of range, licking their wounds. Such damage from the fierce fighting neither can gather enough hardware to launch a counter strike.”
    “This just came in. Contor Commander Ward Caoson has died. An Altairian spy has infiltrated his staff and while studying stellar star monitors detonated a bio-bomb concealed within his anatomy. The resulting explosion killed several aides and Caoson, injuring others. So as not to alarm the fleet, this terrible tragedy was not revealed. Even Caoson’s burial on the Deborahia Colony, which he helped found, was maintained in secrecy until Filax Gorson could take command. The third Contor Commander of the 156th Task Force still has a five hundred fighter compliment to oppose Kondor. His last reported statement is ‘to attack, attack and attack’.”
    “During lulls in this news narrative I asked Sable to compile a short bio on those who we are fighting. ‘To know the enemy is to know yourself’’, stated Sigmund Matson, our General’s great ancestor from the Amazian revolution, and so, Sable Generion reporting from the Department of Defense.”
    “Such disheartening news only seems to make the General Staff more determined to win. This is Sable Generion with a bio on the Altairian General Karka Telisaysis. Because the Altairians don’t like to reveal certain facts on local heroes we had to piece together bits and samples from other historical sources. Karka Telisaysis comes from a distinguished family of Altairian Tru-Bloods, nobility going back hundreds of years. His father, Asudruba Telisaysis Karka, fought in the Second Alto-Saturnian War in 1942 as a young Wartogg or war pirate, he seemed to develop a hatred for the Amazians as the First Forsex was created from captured Altairian territory. Asudruba considered such a confiscation the start of the decline of the Altairian race, by hemming them in and social suffocation. He was instrumental in organizing a vast alliance against Zaterite which resulted in the Battle of Axinar. During this time Karka Telisaysis comes upon the scene working behind the lines with his father. We have reports, after Zaterite’s resounding victory at Axinar in 2021, of the son traveling to Conapar and the Alistar nations seeking support against Emperor Zaterite. After the death of his father sometimes in 2029, Karka Telisaysis returned to Altairs. In 2031, the Judordashkin kicked over their chamber pots heaving their contents into the faces of the Altairian ambassadors, a sign of revolt. Karka is immediately called to put down a serious Judoric uprising in the Velt. He defeated the Judor Baliscena, King Ragnork, making him sign the Treaty of Altairs, earning him the name ‘tamer of the Judordashkin’, a title that has stuck to him to the present day. During his leisure time he authored a book, ‘The Dance of War’, which is required reading at our military academies. Karka Telisaysis earned the title of First General after cruelly suppressing another revolt on Hidrus Six. This was an uprising by a band of renegade Wartoggs and Zamindars who had convinced themselves they can do a better job than the Regina. It is said he had derelict ships strung out along a major commercial space rout with the bodies of those who defied Altairs lashed to the hulls. As a young man he lead raids into Andromedian space in 2010 at a time when the Andromedians were re-organizing for a galactic government. During peace times and at numerous military conventions he played Dudii with Matson and a few others of our military minds. He had a bad habit of bluffing and cheating. He believed in a swift attack, using small ships than larger ones.”
    “Very good Sable, Kisco Ersean would be proud. Is there anything in your research about the father being the founder of the Anti-Saturnian Society?”
    “That nefarious organization, with the Katuche showing a hatchet cleaving Amazia in half, was created in 1919 by the Altairian Regina Belenta II as a spy organization to watch the Amazian merchants and learn about us. After Axinar the father resurrected it as a terrorist organization to impede Amazian expansion by sabotaging military instillations. Maybe the current son is involved, he doesn’t like us very much.”
    “Very diplomatic, Sable, almost an under statement.”
    “How about an under toe to future wars and aggressions, M.M.?”
    “Yes of course. Do we know how old Telisaysis is?”
    “We have no birth record, but when he first appeared after Axinar we think he’s in his early thirties or late twenties. Our intelligence places him at around the same age as Matson, by our time standards. We know he isn’t married, but there are numerous rumors of girl friends and others…”
    “A real ladies man if not a home maker?”
    “I wouldn’t want a monster like that living next to me, M.M.”
    “You mentioned he bluffed and cheated at Duddi?”
    “Yes M. M., we have accurate talk that at these corporate interstellar conventions where various arms manufacturers and dealers seek buyers for their killing machines, Telisaysis would show up unannounced.”
    “A real stellar party crasher?”
    “Big time, M.M., he would notify the organizers he couldn’t attended then show up with several dozen friends. His reputation at the Duddi tables is legendary. When he was winning he was all business, when losing, he created diversions to wreck the concentration of the others. The only reason Matson and his buddies tolerated him was a chance to gather intelligence, no more no less.”
    “Did he have a violent temper? Sore losers usually do.”
    “When it came to that, in public, he is quite civilized. But in private a real monster, even bordering on cruelties too staff and their families. One rumor is, because of the fast turn around in aides he is not well informed when making decisions.”
    “A definite plus to our cause, anything else Sable?”
    “That’s all I can say, M. M. This is Sable Generion, reporting.”
    “We now have a startling piece of news from Sidlemon from the First Forsex front…”
    “I must get this in before we lose another link. Star General Telisaysis has been re-supplied by a massive invasion army lead by another Altairian named Parmeses. With an overwhelming advantage of fifty thousand ships strong, both enemy generals prepared to defeat Contor Commander Sigling. As panic sweeps through the Elington Nebulae and a sense of death is everywhere in the eyes of our men, a miracle took place. The God Arathon has come to our rescue and saved the Amazian fleet from total annihilation. According to cosmic intelligence and privateers, both enemy commanders have had a major dispute. Telisaysis wants to use his superior numbers to destroy the 433RD Task Force, eliminating all resistance. Parmeses, with a mandate from his Wartogg master, wants to sack the wealthy worlds of the Corsight nebulae and return with the spoils of victory.”
    “This is astounding, Heva!”
    “A clash of egos than brave men in iron ships, but it gets better, Mart, both feuding Generals part, splitting their army in two. With thirty thousand vessels, mostly empty transports and seized merchantmen, Parmeses begins a wholesale plundering of the periphery worlds. Waiting in the wings is Contor Commander Thomas Convel, who just joined up with Sigling’s fleet. Convel attacks Parmeses at the time when he is most vulnerable. Along the edges of the Corsight, Convel pounced. So concerned with looting, Parmeses’s men panicked, lost their sense of discipline, and were defeated at the Battle of Matlof. Parmeses, fleeing with his personal cargo ships of plunder is over taken by Convel’s advance guard and is terminated. His plunder is returned to the museums and mansions who lost it.”
    “And Beilmont Sigling?”
    “A tale of two incompetents, Mart. Carrying out his grand strategy, Telisaysis attacks Sigling. On the very verge of victory, suddenly breaks ranks and retreats for no apparent reason.”
    “Are you saying we have another miracle?”
    “Yes, if you’re wearing a prayer shawl. It seems when Parmeses split the army, he took all of Telisaysis’s atomic fuel cells. The Altairian space fleet never developed the Craft Carrier as we did. We carry all our supplies and needs aboard these giant ships for long campaign deep space battles. The Altairians use smaller cargo ships to carry their fuel cells, refueling as they go. That’s why their ships are smaller than ours and less independent in their deployment, but, it also gives them greater range and speed for surgical strikes, not a long knockout campaign. So, knowing this, Telisaysis runs out of fuel and energy at the Battle Umptii and retreats back along his lines of supply.”
    “Both major nebulas are saved?”
    “Yes, Mart, for the time. This gives Sigling a breather to consolidate his fleet with Convel, and take the high ground, to use an old military term.”
    “Then, this is a good time to lick our wounds and play dumb?”
    “What my x-wife use to say, Mart. This is Heva Sidlemon reporting.”
    “According to certain strategists this is a turning point. We’re into our second Agel of the Universal Calendar and it seems they may be correct. I for one suddenly find myself in a better light, knowing there maybe a spark of hope at the end of our tunnel. I think about the many past wars that built this Imperium, and the leaders who legislated power at the Capital Area, and feel a certain kinship. I think during moments of crises our bonds of the present and the past do connect, giving us hope and reservation. So, at this point in time, this is Mart Martizon, and that it is, for 4/1/2034.”