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The Ambassador

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        "This is Mart Martizon reporting live from Newlon City, Amazia."
        "We are at War!  The crises in the northern Fylight, along the Pandrien Pass, has erupted between us and the Altairians and Unapiterians.  Not since 1959 UC have we fought with the Altairians and the Unapiterians, a peace for seventy five years has existed with our relationship amongst these two nations.  Now, with the problems on Hastelos Pray and Mishka-Berandy going beyond normal diplomatic channels, the Emperor Dwitinton's new regime, only a year into its ruler ship, faces a major war.  
        So faraway we may think but this effects us all as free thinking Amazians.  Our concern is not the home planet of Amazia, whereas years ago the Bitary bombed Pepom city, but those who bravely colonize the habitable worlds along our borders.  It is their families, their wives and children living in unprotected communities under our flag that is in jeopardy.  It is they our hearts go out with a prayer to The Eternal to safeguard.
        Reporting live from the Capitol is Kisco Ersean."
        "A Declaration of War, the Inferbeluam, has been issued to the departing ambassadors of Altairs and Unapiteria.  This is K. Ersean reporting from the Senitium chamber at the Capitol building.  Yes, we are at war.  At ten UT the Emperor called an emergency meeting of the Senitium after an all night conference with the War Council.  At his side is General Matson, both top leaders address the chamber reporting the facts and asking for a war declaration.  Both Amazian ambassadors have been recalled, each personally handed the Emperor similar declarations from the opposing powers.  At this time all branches of the military are on full alert.  Merchant Command, the SSG and other civilian agencies, including the Victonian Army, our home guard, have been activated.
        This is the first real test of metal for Dwitinton's regime.  The new Emperor and his people have had a full year of peace after the abdication of the tyrant Zaterite.  There has been massive cuts in spending and huge re-organization of military personnel to hold the new acquisitions taken by Zaterite.  Now, with an Imperium of great size, its defense is paramount as guaranteed by the Code of Dwitinton.  How long this conflict will last is not known.  The last war fought seventy five years ago between these two powers lasted for eight years.  A colossal struggle between three juggernauts ending in our victory, and under the Treaty of Civlivar Altairs had to pay us war reparations while we seized control of Unapiteria for thirty five years.
        But a lot has changed in the decades since we fought their First Dual Alliance.  We've suffered numerous attacks by the Judordashkin against our borders in the First Forsex.  It seems whenever a warlord wants to make a name for him self and impress the Regina, he sends the Wild Men of Udor to test our defensives.  Like us the Altairians were conquered by the Unapiterians in 1525 UC, and like us they revolted in 1810 declaring their freedom.  Our first contact wasn't very pleasant in 1918 UC.  Emperor Hindonborg fought a two year conflict ending in a stalemate.  Labeled as 'the big flop', a group of diplomats cheated the Altairians in the treaty of Alveious so we gained something over them.  Ever since both our nations have been hostile looking at another through a Border Zone made up of small petty nations, a buffer keeping the peace.
        With me is Senator Adelus Trikel of Byfilbia Regent, First Forsex (the Cygnus Arm), who has campaigned since the problems erupted on the Border worlds of the Pandrien Pass, Senator?"
        "I've been shouting at a wall of deaf ears, Altairs must be destroyed!  And finally they have heard me.  Yes, I am inflamed!  My whole force is animated by the treachery of both nations.  To shame on the Regina Belenta the 3rd of Argius Altairia and his bottom licker, Celestial Emperor Devato of Unapiteria, both of an evil insidious Empire!  The promises they made with false words and ugly remarks behind our backs.  Two mad men whose only purpose is to be crushed by our vaunted Task Forces, and yes, we shall prevail against this dastardly scheme!"
        "You've been the only one who is leader of the Acketar Belikus (War Hawks) movement in the Senitium, didn't you get frustrated over the small minority you had?"
        "A minority can arise to become a majority.  I've been down this road before but undaunted leadership will always prevail."
        "The tyrant Zaterite made you Senator of Byfilbia without an election, a clear violation of the constitution, but even Civius Proctor and his group couldn't silence you."
        "What do they know of success?  This nation was built upon men.  Strong men and women who go out and do the right things, such unbridled will for achievement goes hand in hand with our destiny.  Altairs must be destroyed!"    
        "What do you see in this war, Senator?  More territory?"
        "I see justice!  I see our flag upon the ruins of the Regina's palace.  I see the full control of the colonies along the Pandrien Pass.  I see our fighter pilots singing the Victorious Fire anthem as they smash apart the enemy.  And I see the Emperor receiving the respect he has deserved."
        "With Unapiteria so close to Amazia, do you see any invasion?"
        "When I created the Victonian Army in 2021 UC, made up of the veterans of the infantry and those who are descendants of the Army of the Revolution, it was done for this very day.  They will arise to defend the home world as did their ancestors two hundred years ago."
        "As leader of your party what will you be doing for the war effort."
        "As I did for Zaterite, so shall I do for Dwitinton.  I'll run fund raisers and go to the front to inspire victory, even kick a few asses.  Altairs must be destroyed!"
        "And on that note, this is Kisco Ersean with Senator Trikel at the Capitol."  
        "I wanted to further talk to the esteemed Senator but there will always be another time.  He's very controversial on the Senitium floor and what I've heard a symbol of defiance even to his own constituents.  Senator Trikel has two sides, either he's for you or against, no middle with that politician.  Once he makes up his mind he is unstoppable.  He supported Zaterite to the very last minute and did a complete turn when Dwitinton came to power.  He is the Emperor's voice if you like it or not.
        This is Mart Martizon reporting live from the STN tower in Newlon City.  Continuing with our coverage of the War of 2034 we now go to the Department of Defense where Sable Generion has more to enlighten us, Sable?"
        "Sable Generion live from the Sorrington Library.  Amongst this vast reservoir of military knowledge only ten fifteen hours ago a tightly nit group of military strategists and planners sat.  In shielded conference with heavily guarded personnel our leaders worked out a possible cause of grand strategy.  With no public impute or civilian advice they have prepared a military scheme to defeat our enemies.
        With me is Brigadier General E. Matson, supreme commander and chief of all Amazian Armed Forces.  General Matson, this sudden crises, has it taken you and your staff by surprise?"
        "We are confident in our ability to overcome anything."
        "During the long meeting will there be attacks against military and civilian targets discussed?"
        "Any strategic enemy operation will be dealt with the normal application of total destruction."
        "Has the Emperor mentioned any doubt as to our ability to resist?"
        "His Divine Glory has our total confidence in our abilities of defense."
        "Do you think Amazia herself will be threatened by the Unapiterians?"
        "We've examined our options and are assured we are in no danger of attack."
        "Can you tell us what armies will be deployed?"
        "No I can't at this time.  Excuse me, I am summoned."
        "Rather one sided, Sable?"
        "Well, at least I tried, M.M., in this job you grab what you can get."
        "Has there been any talk of price controls or even Red Law?"
        "No there hasn't, M.M.  The feeling everyone has is this is a minor skirmish, not a massive campaign where all Amazian society is corralled under one whip.  I think more is going on than a few colonies seized, much more."
        "Hum…I think your onto something, Sable…I'll get back to you, Heva Sidlemon has just jogged into the news room."
        "This is Sable…"
        "Heva Sidlemon aboard the giant craft carrier Roaring Tygar in the upper regions of the Fylight galaxy, reporting live.  We have fought our first battle.  We have suffered a small defeat trying to protect a merchant convoy and escaping colonists from the border worlds.  Despite the setback Contor Commander Beilmont Sigling is confidant.  The Colonists have been saved but their goods, their possessions have been seized by the Altairian gun boats.  As I speak, other Contor Commanders of different Task Forces are racing to shore up the hole in our defenses.  Those Colonists and their frightened families are now within Amazian space safe from further aggression."
        "What about Apolaros and his people?"
        "They have vanished into the darkness of Altairia, Mart.  No body knows of their fate, we can only guess and pray they'll be released when this is over.  As for now, we are at War."
        "How did this start, I mean, this battle of a skirmish?'
        "How does any of this nonsense starts, Mart?  This convoy of colonists, their private possessions, was being escorted and protected by the 433rd Task Force when the shooting began.  It seems as ships pass between the colonies and outposts of us, the Altairians and Unapiterians in the Pandrien Pass, they must send out a salute signal as per the original treaty, showing respect to all.  Well, the captain of the lead cargo ship refused to salute the Altairian and Unapiterian outposts.  A commander of one of those defense platforms took this as an insult and fired a missile salvo across the bow of the lead ship.  A fighter pilot in the new Xeon Attack Fighter from the Task Force thought they were attacking and took a Wing of fighters in and destroyed the outpost.  The rest is history, Mart."
        "And that's when Sigling got involved?"
        "Yes, Mart.  He gave the colonist ships priority than the others carrying their goods.  A small fleet of Altairian Gun Boats and some Unapiterian fighters started to seize the other parts of the convoy.  Sigling deployed a limited number of his ships but were beaten back with the loss of eight fighters.  But, they claim they destroyed a good third of the enemy before retreating.  The Pandrien Pass, all the Amazian colonies along the Border Zone, are overrun by those people."
        "What is Sigling's comment about all this?"
        "He seems unperturbed.  He's of the opinion once he has gathered a good force he'll take the offensive and kick their green asses back where they came from."
        "Not very elegant but worthy for the cause, anything else Heva?"
        "That's about it, this is H. Sidlemon from the Roaring Tygar, out."
        "Where the hammer will hit the hardest is difficult to tell at this time.  The Altairians have been known to use shock troops made up of the Judordashkin, the Wild Men of the upper Velt, a primitive isolated part of Altairia.  What little we know of them they are cannibals and frightening.  Tales from spies tell of mothers tossing their infants at Altairian Tru-Boys, soldiers of the Regina, who tried to tame these fearless hordes.  The Altairian leaders can be ruthless and very diplomatic when dealing with us in the past.  But, if we have something they want, and can't get it by negotiation, then it’s a chess game with them.  As for the Unapiterians, they are our old conquerors, who gave us the Shutons and the stars.  A very old race who has despoiled their world and they live in domed cities.  Once rulers of the Fylight (Milky Way) galaxy, they lost everything to corruption and nepotism.  We are all a product of their ancient society in one way or another.  The Second Dual Alliance with Altairs will cost them dearly if they lose this one."
        "And so we enter upon a War no one wanted but could not be avoided, and that it is for 2/1/2034.  This is Mart Martizon for STN."