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The Ambassador

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“This is Mart Martizon for SNN broadcasting live from the center of the Universe, at Newlon City, Amazia.”

“Our three Emperors since the founding of the Amazian State have been a recluse batch of men. What I mean is they have done no traveling off world except to lead armies in stellar conflicts. Only Emperor Zaterite has taken that claim over all the others. Hindonborg traveled allover Amazia doing various things, a hands on builder and administrator, but never left the surface. Emperor Zaterite, at first proposed diplomatic missions but were disguised as spies seeking future conquests from our weaker neighbors. Now Emperor Dwitinton, who seems to have gathered a group of ‘stellars’, scholars and trade diplomats, has broken all traditions and journeyed off world on the first diplomatic mission to the Veonians. With this story I give you Kisco Ersean.”

“Yes, it’s true. For the first time in Amazian history an Emperor has traveled off world than leading armies. This is Kisco Ersean reporting on the Dwitinton initiative to the water world of the Veonians (M5-Carina). One asks why? After two hundred and four years has an Amazian autocrat make such a peaceful journey. Before we can understand the present lets review the past. It is 1894 UC and Amazia has just fought the First Unapiteria War, which established us as a major power broker in the Fylight (Milky Way) Galaxy. Reeling from such a triumph a feeling of euphoria consumed the government’s idealism for future efforts. The Veonian Kidex Salandar IX controlled a valuable precious metal trade route which the Unapiterian fleet protected. After the war that fleet’s protection was gone and the cargo transports were unprotected. Realizing Amazia can use such rare commodities, Emperor Hindonborg sent an ambitious merchant called Jermen Powindon to negotiate a treaty. But, the Veonians refused to make a deal because of Lizyonite influence. Seems to many hands were taking from the soup kettle with this enterprise.”

“What transpired is underhanded treachery. A secret deal was made with Powindon’s aides, to replace Salandar with a more complying king. The plot was discovered and Powindon was arrested. The Lizyonite bankers ran away crying foul play after discovering the ore ship called ‘the Star of Salandar’, was re-routed to Amazia. Furious, the Kidex of Veonia declared war on the young Amazian Republic.”

“What took place next is a wild dash of lightning victories by the first of Amazia’s military genius. In four major battles Kofax Canterian, captain of the FCC Cyopelus, the forerunner of our Mother Craft Carrier ships, stripped the Veonians of their military spatial fleets. So effective Canterian was the Treaty of Cormal was signed early in 1895 UC. This gave us the beginnings of the Forth Forsex plus the exotic trade routes of rare and precious metals from the Tar Globular Cluster.”

“What Emperor Dwitinton and his ‘stellars’ are now doing is cementing a decent trade alliance with the aquatic races of Veonia, after one hundred and forty years of irritation and neglect. According to the missions itinerary there’s more at stake than precious ores. Veonia has just completed major conquests below her southern borders into regions unexplored and exploitable. This has opened new trade adventures the powers that be would like a share off. Plus, since that conflict a no-man’s land of fortifications exist along their border with us. The Emperor would like them all removed for peaceful purposes.”

“At the recent pass and review at Tafingard Square, Emperor Dwitinton talked about the completion of his mission with wonderful results. He mentioned how impressed he was with Veonian city architecture and commissioned a new city to be built on Amazia based upon their designs. Amos Ven-Onar, the most celebrated Veonian builder will be adapting his design calling it Provida, ‘beautiful’. This city will be erected on the flatlands between Tiros and Nardic along the Gulf of Kensington. What little we know it will be totally self contained, no silorians or Zo’s, all parks are under bio-domes, living quarters are scattered according to places of employment, with convenient malls…”

“What population growth is expected, Kisco?”

“Well Martizon, its planned for two million tops covering fifty square Sectals of beachfront property. It will arrive in pre-fabricated sections and the outer skin of its conical buildings will be photo-voltaic, providing needed power from the Ring. All delivery will be underground and the waste treatment will be Anabolic Receptors providing fertilizer for the farms around.”

“What about pollution?’

“None as we know of. The Uni-Factory concept will be used for light industry, no heavy industry. Already a number of major companies want to rent space including the SSG, they need a new facility for their tech labs in forensics.”

“This all sounds very wonderful, Kisco. The cities of the center of the Universe are old, antiques compared to other planets. For such a new Empire as ours we should have better.”

“I agree Martizon. If this takes off the Emperor may be given a new title than the builder of dams, but of cities.”

“You mentioned Canterian, I seem to recall there being two commanding generals in the Veonian War.”

“The Brigadier General Venon of Hindonborg’s War Cabinet personally lead a northern invasion of Veonia. He was responsible for cutting off all supplies going to Veonia to oppose Canterian. As a side glance of history, when Canterian retired he taught military tactics and grand strategy, one of his worst students was a young undisciplined Edward Matson, who became Zaterite’s secret weapon.”

“Now that’s a historical mouthful, anything else?”

“This is Kisco Ersean saying it all with words.”

“It seems that all we do around here. But words are the messengers of our species. With them we can create or destroy, uplift or tear down, say a truth or deceive with a lie, it all comes down to the individual and his or her priorities of the present mind. On that note, we have a very uplifting set of words from Sable Generion.”

“This is Sable Generion at the Flabadale Hotel in Zeetor City, where the famous Cuperian poet and philosopher has just arrived. For ten years Fardel MacKrin has been stomping around the centers of learning on Ingold, the capital of the United Cuper National. His preaching against the current unpopular regime has drawn widespread criticism from the political authorities and praise from us all. He has been imprisoned by the local Avanatria Police, by the Sacranada religious party and even hauled before several Cuper magistrates. And yet, despite warnings and beatings, he has come out stronger and more determined.”

“Such men are welcomed by all! They add light where there is crawling darkness. They give true purpose where tyranny and hate reigns. Even at the last moment before he was exiled from his home world Fardel continued to preach against the present dictatorship that has seized power over the Cuper Confederation. But, all is not lost with this type of man, or thinking entity. As long as such as one can breath, his words go out to inspire. The operating platform may change but not the determination to tell the truth. He has come to us like a bolt of lightning, resounding and roaring, to favor us with his presents. He has been granted asylum by the Emperor and received by the Senitium with an honorary citizenship. I stand in awe as he is about to address a packed auditorium.”

“Citizens! I give you our newest addition to the Empire of Amazia, Fardel MacKin, or his new name, Mackon!”

“Thank you honorary speaker and hosts and beloved followers, I hold in my hand a data disk with my new citizenship and it feels very good. I thank you all and the powers that have brought me to your shores. It is a sad hurt in my heart that my family still is imprisoned but maybe with the grace of Arathon they to will be joining me at this podium sometimes in the future. I say, their future is uncertain but mine is now cemented squarely on Amazia. Yes, I say Amazia! I beat my chest with pride! Mistress of the Universe, center of all things good and natural, your nation has been always in my heart and limbs. As a tonic its ideals and bastions of freedom have drawn me further inspiring my efforts to greater heights. Where darkness dwells, your light has added substance, where the unknown resides, you have measured the cosmos. Your armies have plowed down the barbarian, uprooted the weeds of hatred, united the scattered minds of humanoid and alien alike, offering a single membership in a vast family under one truth, one law and one realm, that of Amazia!”

“Looking out amongst you I see many different faces, religions and families, all living in peace and harmony. It is not by chance this immense majesty has developed. It is by the will of Arathon that your power prevails. Your arts and ways are felt at the four corners of the Local Group. From the Oton to the Gorsum, to the Andromke (Andromeda M31) to the Caliberliht, two sextillion inhabitants send their taxes, loyalty and destiny to Amazia. I once heard, in a joking manner, someone say the Universe is Amazian, but now I understand. It is not a jest but a wonderful miracle that this tiny world with its sun ring has implanted its foot at the axel of the cosmos. Now, I must go, a tour awaits, to learn more and dwell on things within the four corners of your society. Thank you.”

“And there you have it. Again we have opened our arms to those who need us the most. This is the example a great civilization has. We accept those who are outcasts and exiles for their views and opinions.”

“A few clarification questions, Sable. You were unable to get a one on one with Markon?”

“That was worked out when he would arrive at Newlon City, M.M., but the ICA informed his people that it was very unsafe. A Cuperian assassinator was waiting for him and so his flight was transferred to Zeetor. But the story gets even worse. The ICA planted a decoy so they can flush out the assassinator, he got off the TUSLA and the killer from Ingold took his shot. The decoy was killed but the SSG managed to capture the assassin. Everything I’ve been told is now an interstellar diplomatic fiasco that might go before the G.A. and S.C. for resolution. It may play into the opposition’s hands throwing political mud allover the dictatorship on Ingold.”

“Any bystanders hurt?”

“In the jargon of the ICA, it was surgical. So swift the decoy never knew what hit him, but the SSG had there own undercover police poised to make the arrest. The assassin was immediately surrounded and sedated before he could escape.”

“That’s a remarkable twist to your story, Sable. Where is he headed after this?”

“His people informed me a speaking tour throughout our academic community, fund raisers and expensive dinners, culminating in a meeting with the Chancellor, after that, continuing the fight on our soil until the dictatorship is no more. I can’t be specific M.M. because they may send other assassins.”

“Very scary stuff, Sable, but well done. Anything else?”

“That’s about it for now, this is Sable Generion for SNN news.”

“For our last segment of stellar news we turn to Unapiteria and the Amazian Governor Edvard Dwitinton. Reporting live from the largest space ship ever built is Heva Sidlemon.”

“Size seems to be the major concern for the new Governor of old Unapiteria as he struggles to remake the economy of our defeated neighbor, this is Heva Sidlemon reporting from the bridge of the Verjin Mairee. About me is a fabulous cavern of blinking lights and fancy scrollwork with towering curved plus-x glass, a bubble of colossal instrumentality. Here, with a bridge crew of thirty, is the brain of the Universe’s largest spaceship ever built. Named after the Celestial Emperor Barter’s wife, this mastodon of gigantic proportions is seventy Sectals long (55 miles), forty Sectals in circular width (31 miles), two mammoth outboard Burner Fuel engines at the stern, and with a crew of two thousand is a virtual city of space. At an astonishing cost of nine hundred quintillion Jupents, which is equivalent to fifty trillion of our Retallites, stands as a monumental achievement for the Emperor’s nephew.”

“Conceived by the Amazian Governor and designed by Amos Freylinus, a famous Unapiterian for fashions and decorative mechanical designs, he has completed a life long dream. This immense vessel will be used for a host of purposes, especially with planetary evacuations of entire populations in the millions. Safety from a exploding nova can now be attained as the Verjin Mairee can also be a hospital ship in time of need. Estimated capacity is five million humanoids with facilities for hundreds of thousands of alien species. So huge are her storage and cargo bays a major world’s cargo K-12 Stellar containers will only put a dent in her capacity. Corporations are ready to use her to ship items of great size that normal cargo vessels can not handle.”

“This ship is so humongous it generates its own weak gravitational field. It must be navigated away from small asteroid fields otherwise it will distort the surrounding space. Because of her great bulk and mass she can only achieve a top speed of Burn Factor twelve, which is standard for a cargo run. She can not travel within the atmosphere of Class A, B, C and D worlds. All loading must be from space, also, a special facility is now under construction to service it, a truly magnificent achievement by the Amazian government of Unapiteria.”

“Are passengers allowed on her, Heva?”

“Of course, Mart. Any means to bring down her cost and justify her expenses. All cargo ships have a small area set aside for passengers to offset operating expenses. In this case we are talking thousands than a mere hundred or less.”

“The critics from Unapiteria claim this ship is so large it will cost fare more to operate her than what the local economy can supply.”

“Those critics are political and oppose the Amazian Governor.”

“They also claim there is a bigger ship, the 109 Godship of Reton Rocket Corporation.”

“I have heard this also, Mart, and they are wrong. The Verjin Mairee is a hundred Illos larger, by a nose if you want to be picky.”

“Because of her massive size, some say she must remain faraway from other worlds or he mass will destroy the orbits of satellites these worlds depend on, true or false Heva?”

“More political hogwash. I spoke to Captain Avalimeyers and they have a Tetradron Energy screen that will negate the effects of the weak gravitational field on any tiny satellites. This is a monumental achievement by the new Unapiterian government, Mart.”

“And you’re getting a ride on her maiden voyage?”

“Only to the Ort Cloud, then it’s back to the studio on Amazia.”

“Very good Heva, I’ll be looking forward for your full report.”

“This is Heva Sidlemon signing off aboard the Verjin Mairee for SNN News.”

“So, that’s our wrap up of stellar news for this Agel, I’m Mart Martizon, and that it is for 2035 at SNN studios in Newlon City, Amazia.”