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The Ambassador

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“This is Mart Martizon for SNN News broadcasting live from the center of the Universe at Newlon City, Amazia.”

“During this segment of Universal news we will cover various aspects of what is taking place in our vast and prosperous Imperium. Amazia is a colossal nation with hundreds of billions of habitable star systems. Each is unique and different in ways we can not comprehend. It is this differences that make us great and powerful. But, such differences can cause confusion and chaos if they are not carefully manipulated by political wisdom.”

“The first segment of our show will deal with that strange uniqueness that exists amongst the food producing worlds of the Imperium. This is a serious concern with the Emperor and his people. It is a concern that is part of the political process that enhances the glory of his regime. Emperors may come and go but population is a common necessity. Worlds that can not feed themselves are a liability to that common necessity, and a sourness with the Emperor. Here is Heva Sidlemon with the answers we seek.”

“H. Sidlemon at the Capital of the Imperium, reporting from the Spherium under the dome. We are dealing with the science of Agronomy, the management of soil and growing of nutritional crops. Since the coming of the Amazians and the expansion of the Imperium, the farming communities on all Class A, B and C worlds have been without regulation and protection. Multitudes of farmers, from a small plot to a gigantic combine, do their own thing under ancient and often abusive planetary laws. Many such methods are destructive to the soil and result in the loss of valuable lands for cultivation.”

“This vast difference is about to change. With me is Jon Matington from the Imperial Agriculture Ministry, who sits on the Emperor’s Economic Council. Minister Matington, why is this new legislation needed?”

“We have been petitioned by a horde of complaints, if stacked from the floor would rise up through the dome and reach outer space. Abuses and poor management, the lack of scientific regulation, unfair taxation, seizure and control by the big crop makers, a host of items that reduces the potential of a planets agronomy. But, fear not more, the Esquncy Agronomy Act of 2035 shall address all these issues.”

“There are many complaints, especially from Senitiumor Mos Mayorian of Byflight Regent and his lapdog Cymbola from Xeronton…”

“I resent that slander Sir! Everything you heard is a lie. You should be removed from your chair, Sir, for such balderdash.”

“Isn’t it true your earlier bills, which did not pass the Senitium, were to make all farming lands everywhere taxable?”

“Those bills were from my colleagues, not mine, and they would have passed adding to imperial revenues.”

“At the cost of losing the small farmer and making the combines seize their lands under planetary laws, Sir. The Esquncy Act will tax only what they sell and not what they grow. It will be so wide spread it will save those who till the soil, Sir.”

“It will make life miserable for the tax farmers of many worlds, Sir.”

“This Bill will also provide insurance, funded by a small portion of planetary revenues, when a blight or terrible natural disaster wipes away a farmer’s life work. It will provide a team of trained specialists operating on every major food producing world to maintain quality control, plus an environmental agency to assist the farmer in irrigation and soil management, must I go on, Sir?”

“You don’t know what your doing, Sir, and we will fight you!”

“I am the way of the future.”

“You are the way of enslavement, good day to you!”

“This is going to be a lot of fun. Anything new is a challenge for my people. Any more questions?”

“There’s been much debate about the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides to enhance crop growth?”

“We are addressing that issue, Sir. Our advance agronomy centers have found natural herbal fertilizers, properly mixed with feces from organic digesters, are better than chemicals. There are natural flowers and fauna which can repel pests and blights, and the beauty of it all, what might not work on one world will do splendidly on another.”

“There’s been some debate over the size of a farm. That limiting a plot is better for crop rotation.”

“Not so, Sir, not so. Farm size will not be addressed by our Bill. That depends on the crop and the farmer’s resources. What this Bill does is open up a new industry of herbal paste agronomy. There are weeds that have no value but we have found they have a very high protein if converted to a paste for biometric life forms as ourselves. We also want to keep poultry and livestock pure and chemical free. Some worlds add, what we consider poisons, to their crops in the form of vitamins which retards brain growth in infants. This we will stop. What is natural is good for all.”

“You mentioned insurance, does that cover loans to buy new modern equipment?”

“Definitely, yes sir. There are a host of aerial hover crafts and giant grain machines that do all the services needed. We will provide low interest loans to those who qualified.”

“On the Class C worlds, which are desert planets, I’ve heard giant green houses are proposed for farm production.”

“This has been an issue for some. Nefarious businessmen have sold such ideas to farmers on these fringe worlds with disastrous results. But once we get involved it shall stop.”

“One last question, Minister. With such a wide reaching Bill, how will it effect what the consumers buy in the stores?”

“We will require special labels guaranteeing the quality of the food item, plus make it possible for the local farmers to place their products in local stores and supermarkets. A tax break on sales will be the incentive.”

“Thank you Sir, I’ve taken up far to much of your time.”

“It’s been fun.”

“And that’s what is coming down. Any questions Mart?”

“I normally leave the shopping for my wife. What about the big distributors, aren’t they opposed to this new Bill?”

“According to my research they are supporting the Minister one hundred percent. For them it means a higher profit margin as more exotic and unusual foods enter the markets.”

“Sounds like a gluttons paradise, good reporting Heva.”

“This is Sidlemon at the Capitol signing off.”

“We now turn to a piece of disturbing news that came from the colony on Becrux, a world of Byteria Regent. This incident proves not all is peaceful in the Imperium as our stellar political analysis says there is. Reporting live is Krisco Ersean from the planetary capital of Forbinar.”

“Ersean here with the latest of news. On a peaceful and ancient colony of the Fissyarians, the last race of warriors from times long forgotten, a revolt against Amazian rule has taken place. We must turn the stellar clock back to 1943 UT, when Contor Commander Sarvolo Usenon and his assistant Taperon did some policing action with Amazian arms under Emperor Zaterite. The Fissyarians, along with the Biterians, revolted against Amazian rule. Striking from four stellar systems they penetrated Amazian defenses but did not get as far as they planed. Their efforts ended in disaster as Zaterite imposed the Treaty of Zintifinary, which means ‘suppression’ in their language. This only added to a festering sore and in 2009 they struck again in the Cavienite War. This effort paid off, the Bitarians and Fissyarians penetrated Amazian defenses and bombed Pepom city.”

“A terrible act of brutality, taking Zaterite and his military by surprise, struck hard at the defense station X17 on an obscured moon orbiting Amazia. They were seen in the skies by a jet liner, the 707X3 but the fleet shot the plane down before it could give a warning. All two hundred passengers died in the wreckage. Our retaliation was immediate and monstrous. The planets Fissyaria 1 and 2, Bitaria 1 and 2, were bombed by the Amazian fleet. So terrible was the destruction that the government of Bitary had to relocate on Mirosus fifty thousand light years from Amazian space. No treaty was signed by either side so ignoble was the sudden attack, the festering fires of hostile war still simmer to this day under an unsteady truce.”

“Now they have revolted a third time. The children of the Fissyarian warrior descendants have demanded restitution for war crimes after 26 years. The SSG Captain of Becruxopolos has called in the new unit of Service Troopers to restore order. These special trained soldiers are below Imperial troops but above the SSG Police in special paramilitary training. What I’ve been told by local authorities they have already penetrated their strong holds by aerial deployment. The leaders have been captured and imprisoned. As we speak the hostages captured have been released and our troops are spreading out over the dangerous lands.”

“Many innocent children were captured and held in schools along the outlying towns and villages. They were going to be used as bargaining chips in a sickening political game. Their leader, Diaria Alokatte Mavia has sworn not to give in until his demands are met. I just received word he has surrendered and is willing to negotiate with diplomats from the Emperor for a decent truce and treaty. Hold on to that thought… things have turned out differently now…”

“Kisco, are there more complications?”

“Yes Martizon…very bad complications…all the rebel leaders have been arrested by the SSG including Mavia, their families and relatives. Even the Emperor’s diplomats have been pushed aside.”

“What is happening down there?”

“This goes beyond a simple revolt, Martizon. Amongst the papers and correspondence of Mavia the Katuche symbol has been found. This icon shows a hatchet cutting the planet Amazia in two halves. It is the symbol of the Anti Amazian Society, an organization created in 1919 UT by the Regina of Altairs, Lintus Borfun of the infamous Kalangii crime family from the Border Zone. The AAS’s purpose is to weaken Amazian power without military intervention. They cause severe embarrassment on the interstellar scene, and have been known to ferment revolts. The SSG now thinks this entire incident is their doing.”

“This puts a different twist to it all, Ersean.”

“Yes Martizon. The leader of the AAS is so secretive he calls himself the Tigredon, from the dead race of Anatarians, translated ‘our revenge’. They have infiltrated all those nations, including Unapiteria, trying to cause further dissention amongst our allies. The old Ackard Police and now the SSG are always seeking and destroying terrorist cells everywhere. This isn’t reported as so not to alarm the public.”

“This is fantastic and terrifying, how did it all begin?”

“It goes back even farther, Martizon. The Treaty of DeGram, signed in 1831 creating the Amazian Republic from the wreckage of the Unapiterian Empire, was very unpopular with many stellar nations. Bitary was one of them. The first Emperor and his ruling council called the Corostat made deals to acquire stellar territories fast and furious. They stepped on many toes and broke many promises to forge this nation. The worst was the Treaty of Alveious that ended the First Alto-Saturnian War in 1920. Fought over colonization of the Corsight Nebula, (NGC-2419) it tricked the Altairians into a very nasty treaty, where the orbit of the Nebula only came into their territory once every two hundred thousand years.”

“I can see their mistrust of us.”

“A bad cut sometimes never heals, Martizon. The ancient nobles of the Colugiate council under the Regina have long and deep memories. From that the AAS was created and is still going strong today.”

“Any more commentary, Ersean?’

“I think I’ve said enough to spine the grey matter, I’ll get an update to you. This is Kisco Ersean from Becruxopolos, the city of the Cloud Minders, signing off.”

“We now have a different piece of news which will effect all our communication needs throughout the Imperium. Reporting live is Sable Generion from the Capital Area.”

“This is Sable Generion. I am standing in the foyer of the Saturnian Postal Palace of Post General Maggwire and his Cabinet of Transcom Clerks. Within these walls of colossal murals and high flying statues are the fabrication of new laws and procedures. Since the days of Ancient Norume the first postal letter system emerged. Crude and slow by our standards it served its purpose in sending correspondence all over. During the Pre-Evil times it was the Union of Amazian Republic of the 1350’s UT that instituted a postal system slightly more modern than the ancients. During the conquest of Unapiteria this system was expanded and improved upon by the Shutons. But it wasn’t until the Revolt that a postal communication system became a necessity.”

“Even though it was military and abused by the local privileged authorities it became the bases for a modern system after the revolution. Created by an act of the first Emperor Hindonborg in 1876 UT, it allowed security and safe passage of correspondence for the general public. The Saturnian Postal System became the finest and most efficient transfer of communication for its time. But, it began to have problems when our infant nation expanded out into space.”

“Weight, which is determined by gravity, could no longer be used as a means to charge a fee. Gravity was different on every world. Distance became a damaging factor because we once measured it in Sectals, now it became thousands of light years. Bulk of material correspondence and packages caused a serious delay for space ships and transport vessels. Under the tyrant Zaterite the problem became so acute he delegated the military to handle it all. That is when the postmaster became the postal general, a man in a military uniform. Gone are the civilian aspects of privacy as the Ackard Police opened and read letters from questionable personalities of those times.”

“But today we can breathe with some relief. Jon Zaterite’s declaration of 1982 declaring the postal system obsolete so he can seize its assets for the military has been reversed. The new Stellar Postal Act of 2035 creates a new agency that is half government and half private. The old postal autocracy is no more. The new institute is a sub-ministry with private sector employment. This has been reorganized by Larent Sommerbidy, Commissioner of the Interior, by order of the Emperor Dwitinton. Under the new legislation all post offices will return to civilian control and have electronic lettering systems. People can either go there and write a letter or upload it electronically. No more stamps or material envelopes or things that need to be weighted. A fee for this service will be charged on number of standard letter sized pages.”

“What about bulky items, like packages, Sable?”

“That has been farmed out to local carrier services flying the label of the SPS. Government funding is in place keeping the cost down and reasonable. Each post office will now be a clearing house for such items. A universal hub system has been created in each Regent where all items go and then distributed by a Postal Brand Index system. This PBI will tell the computer and carrier where to deliver. It is estimated by local bean counters a package can transverse the length of the Imperium in one Agel of fifty days.”

“That’s amazing…it use to take a year I heard. With electronic correspondence how will that be handled?”

“Another miracle of modern science, M.M. When a person sends out his or hers digital letter it gets bumped up to a Cosmic Wave Buoy in space, and for the last decade strings of these have been deployed. They bridge the gap between stars and clusters, speeding up the signal faster than light, to be received by using the PBI system as a location finder. Then to the local post office will either print out or send a copy to the civilian via the ServNet of the planet. More and more people are setting up such private and personal sites for their correspondence. Within ten more years we should all be connected.”

“Don’t you think Sable that will de-humanize use all?”

“No, M.M. As long as it’s not abused, our private rights will not be violated.”

“Hum…I‘ve heard of these, they use Neutrino particles multiplexed and piggybacked upon a carry wave that can go far faster than light speed. All this will make the Universe smaller.”

“Right, M.M. I think were in for some quick times ahead. This is Sable Generion with my report.”

“Thank you Sable. Some people may ask what bills and laws the Senitium can pass and how it affects us all. The Senitiumor which we elect every eight years is given the power by the Imperial Tyocratic Constitution to correct and lay down guidelines through legislation. Committees, which they serve on receives complaints from their Regents of abuses and the need for regulations. These committees are in contact with other Senitiumors from other Regents, who gather or send their opinions, to tailor a bill or law that will satisfy all parties. This takes time but when done it becomes an official piece of legislation. Before it goes before the Senitium for a vote it is reviewed by the Emperor and his people. If there are no additions or changes he sends it back to the committee with approval, or notation for a change. When this is done the Senitium votes either a yes or a no. If yes, it goes to the Emperor for his signature. If no, it dies in committee and maybe re-introduced at a much later date.”

“Such legislation affects all Regents everywhere. Sometimes a law or bill will only affect certain Regents. What was presented during this broadcast affects everyone everywhere throughout the Imperium. This is Mart Martizon, and that it is for 2035.”