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The Ambassador

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      “It’s said by the Space pirates of karactikas, ‘no one knows for certain which way the cosmic dust falls’, and with that, this is Marts Martizon reporting live from atop the SNN tower of Newlon City on Amazia.”
      “The War of 2034 is now in its third Agel of combat. For one hundred and fifty days the spatial armies of the Altairians and Unapiterians have waged war upon the defending armies of Amazia. We have seen gallant heroes rise and fall, veterans of past wars succumb to the horrors of death in the cold void, and we’ve witnessed the greed amongst our foes create incompetence giving us an advantage, and a victory. All this has weighed heavily upon our hopes and aspirations for a quick peace.”
      “At this time General Matson waging war around Amazia has defeated the Unapiterians and is attacking the Celestial Monarch Devato with the assistance of General Hiythoron and the Victonian Fleet. Up in the First Forsex Altairian General Telisaysis was forced to retreat as Contor Commander Sigling, with the aid of Thomas Convel, a new face upon the war scene. Both have driven the Altairians out and are regrouping with new supplies. On the threshold of the Forth Forsex Contor Commander Gorson continues to hammer away at the Altairian invader Kondor. And it’s here that we shall take up the war correspondence.”
      “This is Kisco Ersean aboard the capital ship ‘Winged Victory’. It is fate and a little good luck that has given us a ray of sunlight. Contor Commander Gorson found himself trapped in the solar system of Graftas while Kondor received supplies. But Gorson, who knew this area, fortified the string of dead planets, asteroids and moons with spatial minds and auto-attack drones. But according to intelligent reports Kondor decided to plunder the rich worlds of the Tars globular cluster in Byfullight as did Parmeses in the First Forsex. Upholding his mandate to protect civilian lives and property, Gorson used the natural occurring solar flare from the star Grafta as a sensor shield to break out. Kondor, about to plunder the periphery of Tars, thought a new army was attacking and took a defensive position giving Gorson the advantage. Unknown to Kondor, Contor Commander T. Lascon arrived with a Large Task Force from the depths of the Forth Forsex, and Attacked Kondor. Between Gorson taking the rear shots and Lascon the front, defeated the Altairian at the Battle of Coason’s Revenge. With only a small vanguard of vessels, Kondor escaped back into lower Altairia in disgrace.”
      “That’s excellent, that front is no more, good reporting Kisco.”
      “Yes Martizon, after these two gallant warriors secure the border they can send needed vessels to assist Matson and Hiythoron. This is Kisco aboard the ‘Winged Victory.”
      “Seems things are heating up like a nova…wait, a report is coming in from Heva Sidlemon…Heva…can you hear me?”
      “Heva Sidlemon aboard the C.C. Roaring Tygar in the First Forsex. Contor Commander Sigling, not waiting for Telisaysis to double back took a daring jump and struck the Altairian hard. He sent a secret Task Force of the new Xeon fighter crafts with spatial stealth capabilities and totally destroyed all his supply transports. So devastating the Altairian commander was forced to retreat into the Border Zone and seek the safety of Altairian space. Contor Sigling was on his ass all they way into the Border Zone up to Altairian space. He would have gone further but the local Wartogg Dravivaxis was there to stop him…”
      “We have heard of this Governor of the Regio Malawoshus.”
      “He is the worst, Mart. He was the Wartogg who insisted on this invasion. His favorite saying is, ‘there’s opportunity in chaos’.”
      “He said that?”
      “As I said, he is the worst of the Zamindars.”
      “So, the First Forsex is secured?”
      “Yes, Marts. All the Contor Commanders have been ordered to setup safe guards incase we have another invasion. This is Heva reporting from the C.C. Roaring Tygar.”
      “We have great victories along all the fronts. Only the local invader from Unapiteria remains a thorn in our side. With this joyous news let us turn our attention to the historical. A short bio on the Celestial Monarch of Unapiteria is now needed as we wait for him to be corralled by Matson and Hiythoron. We go to Sable Generion at the Department of Defense, Sable…”
      “A strange and compelling story I shall report, this is Sable Generion at the Edvard Matson Memorial Library. Some of this we learned in school as part of Amazian history, other facets of Unapiterian history required some digging. The Unapiterian race, like ours, is not native to their world. Planted by the Great Krill over half a million years ago to be gardeners, servants and day laborers, they terra-formed Unapiteria’s surface into a garden. After the extinction of the Great Krill they fell into homeless hordes roaming and plundering. Eventually the environment collapsed and the ancient Unapiterians lived in caves and underground tunnels. As the garden environment became toxic because they lost the science of botany, they populated underground caverns and expanding the cave system in the soft dirt beneath.”
      “In 101 U.C, population levels rose and their primitive survival was in jeopardy. A brilliant leader, Dela Unapiter rediscovered the arts of terra-forming and united all the scattered tunnel and cave tribes into one mighty force. Pooling their limited resources they re-conquered the surface and built cities in geodesic domes, each larger and better than the previous. Dela Unapiter declared himself the first Celestial Monarch and paved the way in creating the Unapiterian Empire. In 758 U.C, the Prezidium Chamber is created by Diora Menvius, centralizing all power into the hands of a body for democratic government. By 1004 U.C, him and his descendants are masters of the planet, and by 1202 U.C. electricity and crude atomic power fueled a growing industrial movement.”
      “Now things really get boiling, M.M. In 1490 U.C. a Krillian data vault is discovered and some of the advanced technology is re-learned. In 1498 U.C. radio and video contact is made with the Pre-Evil nations of Amazia. Realizing the great potential of our resources they invade Amazia nine years later. The rest is history as they fully conquer the planet by 1530 U.C. Then outwards towards the stars until the Unapiterians reach the edge of the Fylight (Milky Way) galaxy in 1659 U.C.”
      “For the next one hundred and fifty years they bleed the galaxy dry by plundering and stealing away the freedoms of millions of worlds. The tyranny of the Shutons is renowned throughout the galactic social fabric, and by the 1800’s many revolts exploded, ours was one of the first. The rest is the Toshivic Revolt on Amazia which we tossed off the cruel tyranny of the Celestial Monarchs. But the story doesn’t end there. A series of wars by Unapiteria in 1893 U.C. tried to recapture what they lost ending in defeat and disaster. Seeking a Duel Alliance in 1959 with Altairia they tried a second time but Emperor Zaterite achieved victory, and for thirty five years Unapiteria was ruled by a Proconsul from Amazia.”
      “I remember this from my history classes, Sable. They sent a special envoy to make sure the tribute was paid in full. Zaterite didn’t trust the provisional government of Maryton Danto.”
      “Right, M.M. Danto was proclaimed Celestial Monarch right after Zaterite withdrew his occupying armies. Also, a side note here. Danto used that moment to seize power from the Prezidium Council by the Palasatto, the Palace Guards, to rule as an absolute dictator. And that takes us up to the present tyrant, Tylando D. Devato. In 2002 U.C. one of Devato’s first acts was to clean out his prisons and corrections camps. He sent all the social undesirables to the Meston Triangle, a piece of unexplored space at the bottom of the Third Forsex, he purchased for 200 Billion Jupents.”
      “That’s near the Andooryome dwarf galaxy?”
      “Yes, M.M. They did so well as a faraway colony they sought total independence from Jupiteria sometimes last year.”
      “Did they achieve it?”
      “As far as we know, it wasn’t granted. Getting back to Devato, he is ruthless and crafty, one of those guys who can’t be trusted, will turn on you once your back is to him. There’s so much corruption and abuse by his family members we don’t really know what is true or false, his own propaganda machine keeps us guessing. So, that’s the best I can do about the man. He is married, several wives and many girl friends, but here also, no confirmed evidence. The Palasatto, similar to the Altairians, don’t like to share things with their rivals.”
      “In summoning this up, you mentioned a strange thing about this history?”
      “Yes M.M. We’ve encountered many civilizations over the years during Zaterite’s conquests, but nothing like the Unapiterians. Knowledge is a dangerous thing when it falls into the wrong hands. If they didn’t find that Krillian vault and failed to decipher the data, only now we would be dealing with the Unapiterians. The conquest of Amazia, the subjection of the galaxy, our revolt, the millions of lost lives both human and alien, would have never taken place. As I said, such knowledge in the wrong hands is a very dangerous thing. The tyranny of the Unapiterians proves it.”
      You may be right Sable, but the boasting of the Unapiterian philosopher Gamedia, comes to memory. ‘Our banners stand guard at the very gates of civilization. With scorned luxury we demand all! A billion races pay us tribute from a thousand worlds, but we are hard to please, power lies not in their hands but in Unapiter’s hands.’.”
      “You had to get the last word in, M.M.?”
      “I always do Sable.”
      “This is Sable Generion reporting live.”
      “Since we know the grand strategy of the Altairians was to destroy the Amazian space fleet, or cripple it so badly it is ineffective for defense, then to attack and invade key worlds driving wedges in the Imperium, has failed. The momentum of our scattered resources has risen up to halt such a dastardly plan, and seems to have pushed back all their offensives. Except for the Unapiterian Celestial Monarch our brilliant and brave spatial commanders have driven the enemy back into their own home space. It is the assumption of this cosmic correspondent whether we will carry on and invade or hold back and let the diplomats do the rest.”
      “We have an update from Krisco Ersean aboard the C.C. Winged Victory.”
      “A great victory and battle has taken place in the Ort Cloud on the fringe of Mytia’s solar system. General Matson with his fleet plus the vaunted 156th Task Force, have corralled Devato near the tenth planet (planet X) and caught the Celestial Monarch’s flagship in orbit. In a surprise maneuver as the Neptunian Colony is invade by our storm troopers, Matson blows up the ‘Rendard’ and sends a false message to the Unapiterian War Council in the Prezidium, that Devato is dead, surrender. This ‘bluff’ convinced them the war is over and peace negotiations have begun…”
      “What of Devato himself, Kisco?”
      “He was captured in the colony’s famous bordello, ‘The Wayward Travelers Inn’ along with most of his family and friends at the local casino. The leaders of the Prezidium were very pleased to get him alive and vowed to have a trial over his abuses of power. I can safely conclude this campaign is over and we await negotiations for a peace treaty. Matson has been recalled home to confer with the Emperor, seems big changes are in the wind, Martizon.”
      “The past is full of shadows when we have change with the diplomats, quoted Spinaza. Okay Kisco, soon you and Heva will be coming home.”
      “There’s a little tidying up but I’ll see you soon. Kisco out.”
      “This just waved in from Sidlemon who has left the C.C. Roaring Tygar. He reports serious revolts have rocked the home world of Altairia. An angry crowd has stormed the Capital Plaza and seized the Regina, Conor Belenta III was torn to pieces. According to Altairian tradition his body is dragged thru the streets by a hook in the groin, three times around the sacred pillar of Argos, and tossed from a rocky cliff called ‘well of lost spirits’ into a bottomless chasm outside the Capital. Our Privateers and hired pirates have done such a terrific job in stifling trade within Altairia economic conditions wrecked the local social order, bringing down the present administration. All this has taken place as negotiators hammered out the Treaty of Altairs with us and the Unapiterians. The new Regina Conor Belenta IV promises peace and a new foreign policy. The War of the Second Duel Alliance is over.”
      “I feel a great weight has been lifted and we can all sleep soundly under the Ring tonight. As the diplomats write a treaty I hope this folly will have a happy ending, any war does not. We don’t know of the soldier and civilian casualty list, nor the damage too public property, nor the sacrifice of heroes who aren’t coming home to their love ones, all this remains to be seen.”

“This is Mart Martizon for SNN, and that it is, on 5/1/2034.”