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  The Man From Hardin

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The Man From Hardin
Full novel/copyright 2007/soft cover/284 pages.

The full story of Alack Troyus begins on a sunny afternoon.  His arrival on Amazia is from the recommendation of the Service Captain of Seminia.  From his home world the young man strikes out and starts a new life with the Director General of the Amazian Special Service police.  Carefully T.A. Elanus molds and shapes his new acquisition into a terrible Agent for his private elite force.  But, the changes are two fold.  The Master puppeteer is also slowly molded by the puppet.

The young man learns the ways of the stars and those who rule the Universe.  He makes modern Amazia, the seat of colossal power, his new home.  With unique abilities fine tuned by his Mentor, Alack is launched upon a dazzling career.  Striking out on his own soon finds his place in the 'silent army'.  Gathering talents learned from the criminals he catches discovers all life is deep and unyielding within the Amazian Imperium.