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  Omnitempus/The Quenar Affair.  Troyuan Chronicles... Book 7

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The Troyuan Chronicles... Book Three
A full novel/copyright 2013/soft cover/417 pages.

Who would have guessed the peace of an entire galactic Dominion would be shattered.  It came as a sudden malevolent blow.  As if a gigantic hammer, whose thrust directed from a demented hand, broke apart the peaceful fabric of billions of human lives.  With monstrous designs, and without a single notice, it spawned a creeping life sapping disease.  Long seething tentacles came from afar and strangled the work of many generations of a determined people, and when the evil was upon us we lost many loved ones and worthy comrades.  This sickness, which no medicine or herb can cure, washed down from the depths of unknown space.  Before it was fully recognized the terror was amongst us.  A secret relentless churning madness to destroy all that is noble and good in human society.  It brought the waste of war, the fear of famine and the death of destruction into the very homes of the family.  It caused neighbor to accuse neighbor, brother to turn against brother, and fathers to incarcerate their sons and daughters.  A mighty gust of stormy emotions ripped apart the Dominion, and I, Alack Troyus, am caught in the middle.